Levemete Calculator 2.0.0


  • The Levemete Calculator has been revamped
  • The Output for Levemetes has been adjusted
  • The Calculator now suggests previous Leves when below the current Expansions Levelrange
  • Calculations for Non-Quality Items will no longer be displayed. However, they can be accessed by using the corrosponding Button
  • Due to HQ Fishes being no longer avaiable in Endwalker, Fisher Leves will now only show Non Quality Fishes.
  • The Calculator Domain has been moved

Character Search

  • Due to rate limits on the Lodestone and XIVAPI, the Character Search has been removed
  • This change was made to ease the traffic on both Lodestone and XIVAPI as well as to avoid instability.
  • Further reason being the Lodestone not updating data for about four hours and therefore making it impossibel to refresh leveling progression
  • Players are asked to adjust leveling progression manually


  • Upon visiting the site leves will automatically be loaded
  • When visiting for the first time progression will be stored as Level 1 and 0 experience points
  • If any issues occur with auto loading please message on Twitter


  • As stated, upon first visiting the Calculator will store progression at Level 1.
  • A Expansion Sync switch has been added to let Endgame Players sync their progression to to current Level Range of an expansion
  • Upon Confirming values the site will no longer reload. Instead the calculation will be executed in realtime

Levekits & Lists

  • Levekits and Lists (Teamcraft Support) are currently not implemented
  • That functionality might return at a later point


  • The current Data has been synced with XIVAPI and simplified
  • Ingame Locations have been adjusted and simplified
  • Wrong Data has been corrected
  • Please be aware, that the data in 2.0.0 does not reflect Endwalker values
  • Endwalker Values will be added in 2.0.1, probably during the first week of launch
  • Those values are about lower EXP and Gil Values as well as Leve Adjustments due to the removal of Belts


  • Detailed Informations about EXP and Gil Rewards have been added

Known Issues

  • Values are not accurate upon the Launch / Early Access of Endwalker
  • Some Text is not translated as those are not based on ingame data
  • Please message on Twitter, if you want to help translating.