Levemete Calculator - How to use

1. Enter your Leveling Progress

Click on the icon in the navigation bar, to bring up the class form. There you want to enter your progression.

If you are an Endgame Player looking for a quick adjustment use the "set all to Level [...]" Switch to get all your Classes adjusted to the current Minimum Level of the expansion (e. g. Endwalker Level 80).

After confirming the calculator will start calculating avaiable Leves based on your Progress

2. Check Leveplates

After the Calculation is done the avaiable Leves corrosponding to your Progress are presented to you

There are different kinds of Leves, which can be quickly identified by the icon in the top right corner

The icons are representing teh following:

Is a Stanard Leve which only requests one trade-in

Is a triple trade-in Leve. Basically it is a 3 in 1 Leve and requests trice the items, but you can decide not to trade in all. Normally those kind of Leves are the most allowance efficient ones.

This is basically a standard Leve with a singel trade-in. However, it requires you to go to a different place to complete it. They onyl exist in ARR Areas and are most EXP efficient.

Works liek triple trade-in Leves but require six trade ins. Also those onyl exist for Large Scale Leves acceptable in Ishgard.

This identifies a Large Scale Leve. The main characteristic of it being the consumption of 10 allowances instead of just one.

Go through tiers

You can check previous Tiers by using the buttons above the loaded Leveplates.

Pick what is best for you

Go to tiers, check allowances or check your possible income by clicking